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5600XT boot up no input issue

Question asked by mmsk29 on May 18, 2020
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I have been trying to figure out why does my screen return "no input signal" message at every cold boot, and I will appreciate it if you could maybe give me some advice about this. Normally, when I cold boot my system, it would quickly show the post then go straight black with no signal. Then I would shut down the system and power up again, but the display would lose the input signal again at the Windows login screen. At the second reboot, everything would eventually resume normal like it's working perfectly fine. I could game for an extensive period of time with no crashing and 3D mark testing runs until complete without any issue whatsoever. This happens every day and it driving me crazy to not know what is the root cause of this issue.


Till this day I have tried a myriad of methods, toggling options here and there, uninstall and installing a bunch of stuff, and nothing is working so far. 


Reinstalled Windows 10.

Uninstall graphic card drivers with DDU

Clean installed the newest driver through AMD Adrenalin and without the Radeon software (Current Driver Ver. 20.4.2)

Updated Vbios to FA0 and F2, Vbios downloaded from Gigabyte official website

Installed the newest chipset driver and updated the motherboard bios to the newest version (Ver. 1405)

Disabled fast boot in bios.

Google chrome hardware acceleration is turned off.

Updated the monitor's driver.

Tried to set boot with base video, no luck though.

Reseated the GPU and both RAMs.

Resolution is set at 1920 x 1080 60hz 32 bits

Disabled CSM in bios.

Removed all external hardware connections from USB ports before the bootup.


I am thinking the HDMI might be the culprit, and of course, I am not sure at all. If you can offer me some information, thank you for that and your time, and may the computer god bless you forever.