guys i  need pc

Discussion created by esaix on May 18, 2020
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so yeah i cant afford buying a pc and i got nothing to do. i wrote to amd this:''Hello AMD employee (s). I will go directly into the subject. I have a laptop but its condition is very bad. I talked to my family about buying a new desktop computer, but it doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon. Right now there is a sound comes from my computer, it closes, overheats, closes, freezes, etc. ... So it's not good at all. My request is to save me from this situation. I thought a lot before I wrote to you. I have participated in lots of giveaways but they dont worked. My last hope is you. Do you have any computer to give me? It doesn't matter laptop or desktop. I just want to get rid of my current situation. I hope you understand my situation. Hoping you understand, I thank you in advance and wish you good luck!'' and they head me to here. So im here now, and i hope things from you now.