New pc keeps crashing

Discussion created by ayanix on May 18, 2020

Hey people!

Two weeks ago, together with a friend, I build a PC.

Now two weeks later, new games I install freeze my PC and I can't do a thing. The thing that stands out is, that when the PC freezes, it shows the primary color of the moment that was playing on the screen. Example, if u play a game and at that moment the color orange has a lot of presence, the freeze screen of the PC is also orange. A game where it is happening is Ori and the Will of the Wisps


I already updated my drivers and tried some different versions.


This are the part I am using:

Processor: Intel Core i5-9400f CPU @ 2.90HZ

GPU: Asrock Phantom Gaming Radeon RX570

Mobo: MSI H310M Pro VDH M.2 Plus

RAM: Gskill DDR4 Ripjaws


A picture of what is happening

This is a picture of what you see if it crashes