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xfx rx5700 xt rawII random green screens.

Question asked by cubano_2 on May 18, 2020
Latest reply on May 18, 2020 by wyll001

Hello all, I recently made the change from an nvidia 1050ti to radeon at first I went with an rx570 8gbs and while it did outperform the ti by a mile I still wanted more so I upgraded to an rx 5600 xt from best buy just because it was local I went with the xfx 5600 xt raw 2 card and did the vbios update for the increased performance but was disappointed to find out that their card does not increase the memory speed like some others do so I decided to return the card and since they also had the same xfx card but in the 5700xt version also the raw 2 model I went with that. My problem now is I get some random green screens sometimes and im not sure if this card is defective or not, I play a lot of bfv and that game crashes a lot but it was because of my overclock on my cpu and ram it even was happening with the nvidia card so that took care of the crashing but this green screen issue has me worried,  should I rma this card ? I have updated the vbios to the latest one that was on the xfx website and have done clean install of the drivers , is there any other way to make sure my pc is fully clean of any old graphic drivers possibly causing problems like the nvidia stuff still being there causing errors. I also notice this card likes to run hot and at one point it was getting to 90 degrees C but I forgot to take off all the packing crap on the card backplate and I think that was causing air circulation problems I also increased the fans curve to be more aggressive since the stock amd curve seems to let the card just heatsoak even while gaming and the fans don't come fully on until its already like 75 degrees. Sorry for the long text hope theres some info here lol. I really want to keep the amd card because its the best bang for buck so far.