Win10 BSOD - AMD 3800x

Discussion created by pandak1900 on May 18, 2020
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Hi, I built my new computer 6 months ago and worked perfectly. However, a few days ago, it turns blue screen randomly. The error codes are various. It happens too frequent that I cannot use my new PC anymore.



CPU: AMD 3800x

Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix X570-E

RAM: G Skill TridentZ Neo (AMD Edition) 8gb x 4

GPU: Galax GTX 980

Powersupply: Enermax Platium 1000W


No hardware environment changes. No software environment changes either.

Things I have tried, but none of them works:


1. Updated BIOS to April 2020. Not working.

2. Updated Chipset driver to the latest from the AMD website. Reversed GPU driver back to old one. Not working

3. Turned off SMT in BIOS. Not working.

4. Installed new Win10 (It got blue screen even during the installation process), but eventually finished the installation. Not working.

5. Installed CentOS (Linux). It got errors and stopped installation during the process. Not working.

6. Tried each individual ram in different sockets (Running 8GB only). Not working.

7. Spent 7 hours with Memtest86 in DOS. No errors.

8. Used a working Corsair 750W PSU to replace my current 1000W. Not working.

9. Used a working GTX 660 to replace the GTX 980. Not working.

10. Disconnect all USB devices except mouse and keyboard in both old and new Win10. Not working.

11. Since my mouse and keyboard are both Razer. Uninstalled the Razer driver and software. Not working.

12. BIOS setting is the default. I don't OC. 


So far, my only two suspicious parts are CPU and Motherboard. However, since the motherboard comes with a debug LED, I have not seen any problem codes from it.  I think my CPU is the problem. Please help if you have any other ideas.