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Display stays in power saver mode after sleep and restart

Question asked by thundertrod on May 18, 2020

I just built a new PC with a XFX rx5600xt on a gigabyte X570 aorus elite. when the PC goes into sleep mode or is powered off by windows the display wont wake from sleep mode if I use the case reset switch the display works has the BIOS boots but once it loads windows 10 the display goes in to power saver mode. if a shut down the PC in windows power > shut down the display wont work but if I restart in windows power > restart it works fine currently I have sleep mode disabled but it still happen if I AFK in a game for to long to get it to work I have to boot in safe mode uninstall drivers the restart in normal mode and install the drivers again.  I have flashed the Vbios and tried both the march and April driver releases