How to writeto memory

Discussion created by blockwizard on May 17, 2020
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I am trying to write to memory either the read or write doesn't work. I'm booting the code from my jump drive. The code is hexadecimal "bf 00 80 b8 03 03 ab be 00 80 b8 00 0e ac cd 10 ac cd 10".

In assembly that's:

mov di, 8000h

mov ax, 0303h

stos word ptr es:[di], ax

mov si, 8000h

mov ax, 000eh

lods byte ptr ds;[si], al

int 10

lods byte ptr ds;[si], al

int 10


I have tried adding the prefixes "66"h and "48"h so change the mode but it still does nothing. the result is either nothing printed or a space printed. I am so confused and I would appreciate any help possible.

PS. I did zero out "ds" and "es" before this code