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rx 5700xt and ryzen 3700x new setup randomly reboots while gaming

Question asked by sviatoss on May 16, 2020
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First of all, sorry about my english but i'm from Spain, so i'will try to explain myself the best i'can.

Recently I'decided to build a new gaming PC, so i'bought some new components and i'have installed another ones from my old build. The result is the following one:


Processor: Amd ryzen 7 3700x with stock cooler and stock settings (new)

Mobo: Gigabyte aorus x570 ultra (new)

Ram: G skill trident Z neo 16gb 2x8@3600mhz cl16 (model number f4-3600c16d-16gtznc) (new)

PSU: Antec high current gamer 850w 80 plus gold (new)

GPU: Powercolor rx 5700xt red devil (new)

Hard disks: SSD: samsung 950 pro nmve 240gb (from the old rig) wdc blue hdd 1tb (from the old rig too)

Case and fans: Lian li pc011 dynamic razer edition with 6 cougar argb fans (both new)


The problems started when i'first install my new components. First of all, i'installed new gpu (powercolor rx 5700xt , the two fan model, not the red devil one) with a new mobo (asus prime x570-p) and new processor (ryzen 7 3700x), with my old 750w psu from mars gaming and my old sdd and hdd. Problems start here, my pc was stuttering gaming and in windows, but after a while, the computers started working fine until you reboot it. I'thought that the problem was the gpu, so i'decided to rma it and pick the red devil edition model, the one that i'have now installed. Meanwhile, i'installed my old nvidia 970 with my new ryzen, motherboard and ram, and it worked perfectly without any issue, no random restarts, no stuttering...

When my new gpu arrived, the stuttering issue was totally solved, but the actuall issue appears. After some time gaming , the computer randomly restarts without dropping any bsod, it simply turns off and restarts the system itself. The problem don't have any type of time pattern , it can happens 2 or 3 times in a row and then works fine a entire day, so it's completely random. I'looked in windows event viewer and it drops kernel-power 41 error. 

When this started to happen, i'thought that the problem was a faulty psu, so i'bought a new one (antec hcg 850w) but the problem was still there. Looking that it doesn't fix the issue, i'rma the cpu thinking it'was faulty and i'also buyed a better mobo (gigabyte aorus x570 ultra, the actual mobo installed on my setup), but the problem still persists.

So, with all that components replaced, i'started to search in the internet looking to fix the issue, and i'had tryed the following fixes, but saddly no one worked:


-Changed windows power plan to amd ryzen high performance (changing hdd turn off option to never and pci-e option too )

-Dissabled all hardware acceleration in all background programs like discord,, steam...

-Tryed pcie 3.0

-Tryed with precission boost overdrive on and off

-DDU all amd drivers and installed both 20.2.2 and 20.4.2 versions, performing a clean install, and using windows safe mode, and dissabling automatic driver updates from windows

-Dissabled radeon anti lag, radeon image sharpening, radeon enhanced sync and radeon freesync

-Downclocked ram to 3200 and 3000 mhz and setting to 1.35v

-Tryed xmp on and off

-Tryed memtest and hdd/sdd tests, both fine

-Tryed undervolting gpu 

-All temperatures are ok, idle cpu 34º and gpu 53º and in stress test cpu 65º and gpu around 70-75º

-Tryed prime95 with furmark for hours , didn't crashed

-Dissabled fast boot from windows and bios

-Updated bios to gigabyte's last bios (aegesa f12e)

-Updated ssd firmware using samsung magician

-Updated to lastest chipset drivers and installed all amd sata drivers

-Changed thermal compound to cpu, despite it was freshly installed (thermal gryzzly)


On the event viewer, it always shows the kernel power 41 (63) error , but some lines before the kernel-power 41 event, it always show the following event:  "Ntfs (Microsoft-Windows-Ntfs) id 98" (Volume C: (\Device\HarddiskVolume4) is correct. No action required.)

This event looked souspicious to me, so i'had check both my ssd and hdd, but they seem to be OK according to crystaldisk and chkdsk.


It also display some events after the kernel-power 41 event, that seem a bit souspicious and look related to the cpu. It drops 16 events named "Kernel-processor-Power (Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power) id 55 (47)



I'can also afirm that the reboots only happen while gaming, because i'never experienced the issue browsing the internet or at desktop. When stress testing the computer with prime95 and furmark , it works perfectly stable too.


I'beg you help guys, because i'cant find more information on the internet about the issue and i'm getting a bit frustrated. 

I'will post any additional information required to solve the problem.


Tones of thanks