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VGA EZ-Debug Led on after installing drivers and restarting shows black screen

Question asked by abrazive on May 16, 2020
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So I'm having a lot of issues with my brand new gigabyte RX5600xt on my brand new build

R5 3600

Tomahawk Max

G.Skills 3200 16gb

EVGA 600 BR 80+


So to make it simple, the GPU only work on a fresh install of windows without any video divers.

I've tried;

Update 20.2.2

Udpate 20.4.2

Flash the bios to FA0 and F2 the original one was F60.

Switching the PCI-E in the bios to GEN3 and not auto.

Clear CMOS


All of these steps we're made on a fresh install at each time while uninstalling chipset with AMD clean utility. DDU the graphics driver, reboot, install graphics drivers, reboot, install chipset, reboot.


Upon restart, I get a blackscreen and the VGA EZ-Debug Led is on.


Any advice on what to do next.