Why is the 5700 driver so sensitive to RAM?

Discussion created by curse127 on May 16, 2020
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Why when I overclock my RAM to 3266+ MHz, I get a driver crash during games?
I overclocked the RAM to 3466mhz (18-19-19-38) 1.4v, two day for continuous tests, including some games.
However, I decided to play Watch Dogs2, and got two crashes and driver crashes in an hour gaming. I returned to my old 3200 (14-17-16-34) 1.4c(4 months without failures), and played for 6 hours without crashes.
I took 1070 from a friend and again dispersed the memory to the same 3466 MHz. And played without a problem in Watch Dogs2 almost the whole day - no complaints. I also overclocked the memory to 3533 1.45v - also without problems.
Why can not I overclock my RAM more than 3200 with AMD and can up to 3533 with Nvidia?


i have 2600x, hyperx 3333(XMP) and b450m bazooka v2 by MSI.


PS: 1070, although weaker than 5700, but with it there are no microstatters and twitching, which pursues 5700 in Watch Dogs2.