Please help: Optimizing IPOPT for AMD

Discussion created by wimpiewest on May 16, 2020
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Good day,


After 12 year of exclusively owning Intel products I recently converted to team red .


I am currently pursuing my postgraduate studies in which I am using Matlab to solve optimal control problems. Matlab uses a MEX file that was compiled to act as an interface to the popular non-linear solver IPOPT. It seems like the performance of the solver is very dependent on the libraries that were used to compile the MEX file. One needs to use an implementation of BLAS and LAPACK that is tailored for AMD hardware.


I am not a developer or computer scientist by trade, so that is why I am turning to the AMD community for help.


Can anyone help me to install IPOPT using libraries that are optimized for AMD processors?


Refer to the following links for more details:


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