Ryzen 5 3600 Auto Down Clock

Discussion created by popspinto on May 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2020 by usernameoccupied

Hey all, just recently built a sorta ITX build using ASRock x570 ITX phantom mobo, NZXT intercooler, 3600 g.skill aegis 16gb and a geforce gtx 1060. Everything was going well until I installed the NZXT intercooler today. Now, my temps are way lower than the blower fan sitting at 45-52 C during gaming but randomly today Ryzen Master will show me gaming or sitting idle at 4.2 GHz and then it'll bottom out to 262MHz and sit there until I hard restart the computer. I upgraded the BIOS and cleared the CMOS. Everything is up to date. I cannot replicate the issue while bench testing through RM app. I hardly have anything installed on this PC outside of windows, discord, office, WoW, and blue stacks. I would like to know why the processor just gives up. Whatever scene shots you need I can give you I just don't know what you need. Also, I have had this issue where battle.net couldn't locate the WoW folder after one of my hard resets if that helps.