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5700XT screen flickering into games (sometimes)

Question asked by eqyliq on May 16, 2020

Hi guys,


when launching or alt-tabbing into a game there is a chanche the display will start flickering, it doesn't seem game or load dependant; it can happen in The Witcher 3 and League of legends (obviously not limited to those two). This is not a monitor problem since it happens on 2 out of three of the monitors i've tried, tested them always one at a time.


Here are a few more info:

  • AMD reference 5700XT, running a clean install (via DDU) of Adrenalin 20.4.2. Happened on previous drivers too.
  • The gpu has been tested with my old monitor, an LG 24MK430H connected via HDMI, no flickering. A Gigabyte Aorus FI27Q (flickering, via DP), and today it happened againg with my fresh MSI Optix MPG341CQR, flickering again via DP. Both of the higher end monitors would be limited either in color depth or refresh rate if they were run via HDMI so that's not an acceptable option nor solution.


The flickering goes away on the Gigabyte by resetting it to factory settings via the OSD, no effect on the MSI though, will test more in the upcoming days.


The camera in my phone isn't good enough to capture a video of said problem sadly.


Is there any solution? No blackscreens/bsods either, only the flickering


Full specs;

- Windows 10 updated to the latest version

- R5 1600

- Msi B450 tomahawk

- 4x8 gskill trident Z

- Corsair rm1000x