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GTA keeps restarting my pc

Question asked by steven76 on May 16, 2020

Hello I have just built my new pc and it will run fine on anything I ask it apart from gta 5. It will cause the pc to restart this does not always happen at the same point and does not seem to be anything I can pinpoint. When running the monitor on the game the cpu is never above. 30% usage the temperature of the GPU goes up to around 55c and the gpu usage goes between 3-100% usage. From what I can tell my temp are all within limits and there is nothing I can pinpoint as a problem I played it yesterday for approximately 2 hours and it was fine I can then try it and it will restart within 5 minutes. Forgot to say my system is


amd Ryzen 7 2700X

msi b450m pro max

16 gb gddr ram at 

xfx Radeon rx580 8gb 

Be quite 850 platinum 

windows 10