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How can I install the appropriate drivers if the recommended ones and the ones on the page have helped me?

Question asked by elratinga on May 15, 2020
Latest reply on May 16, 2020 by kingfish


I've had some problems about my drivers, i have laptop with AMD Radean 5 but i've couldn't find the correct drivers. I have tried all of them, even the ones recommended by AMD and I always get an error message (when I try to open the AMD driver) where it says "Install the correct drivers" after spending hours installing the "recommended" drivers. I write here because I hope that someone can help me or send it to someone who can, I really want my laptop to have them, since not having the cores installed causes a part of my screen to look dark (this is because the LEDs of my screen not all turn on), nor does it let me choose the Suspend option. I would really appreciate your help, I don't know what else to turn to.
I hope and they can help me and if not I will continue testing.