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Dedicated Graphics memory is not used by the sysytem

Question asked by shabeer_nv on May 16, 2020

Hi, I got an asus K550DP lap with AMD A10 processor having Radeon HD 8670M series 2GB graphics memmory and an integrated 8650G graphics driver which comes along with the processor.

The problem is that when I install the graphics driver for 8670M from AMD it is not detected by the system but when I install graphics driver for AMD A10 processor, that is for 8650G it is working fine.

When I checked the performance tab in the task manager there is no GPU details and also DirectX diagnostic tool there is GPU details shown but in device manager it shows both 8670M and 8650G driver installed in it

Why my dedicated 2GB graphics memory is not used by the system and my the graphics driver for 8670M deries driver is not recognized by the system?

I will the very thankful for any response and thanks in advance.