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rx 580 stopped working

Question asked by redhizzle on May 14, 2020

I purchased an RX580 just under a month ago, plugged it in everything working perfectly. However today I was played GTA and my pc just turned off, wouldn't turn back on. I tried powering it back on, disconnecting the power etc and all that would happen is my case fan would kind of jitter for a milisecond.

I unplugged the power cable from the RX580 but left it in the PCI slot and my pc started up fine. Plugged the power cable back in and again the pc wouldn't start.

Put my old Nvidia GTX650 in and again the PC started fine. I've tried the RX580 in different slots, making sure it's in correctly and all power cables connected etc but the PC will not start with the power cable plugged into this card. When the power cable is unplugged there is a red LED that lights up on the card but I'm assuming that just means no power.

I've also tried resetting bios, uninstalling drivers etc. Is the card just dead?