Ryzen 3600 100 degrees

Discussion created by masquer on May 13, 2020
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Hi everyone. Firstly sorry for my bad english. But I really hope you can help me.

I've bought new PC recently. And I've got problem with it. My CPU reaches 100C in old game (CSGO).

OCCT test shows 95C from start on (start of the stress test, not of the PC).


Ryzen 3600 BOX


ZALMAN N2 (2x120 vents inlet 1x120 outlet).

I found it out when I noticed noise from the case. I looked in aida and found out that CPU temp is 60C (of course it was changing on 10C plus-minus, diagram looks like sawblade) with only Chrome and aida are running. I went to BIOS, upgrade BIOS to the latest version (F12e). Result was nothing (right now OCCT shows 50-60C with only chrome and monitoring are running. Then I turned on option to inform with PC-speaker about high temp on 95C. After that I couldn't play the game. It peeps every moment of the game. I tried to change thermal paste and install afterburber. Now temp is 90C with jumps to 100C. I am very dissappointed with this CPU now. This noise from the case kills me. And I am scary every second because even 95C is not normal for CPU. Will CPU burn when I will work with "heavy" apps not with 8years old game?


Should I change this CPU? Maybe it is rejected one? Attached are screens from OCCT. First one is made instantly after closing CSGO and the second one is stress-test from OCCT. Maybe there is some solution?