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It has been almost 3 months since I got my ASUS Arez RX560 graphics card, with my low budget, after some time of usage I got aware of the low performance of my chip compared to some other users. With some research, I learned that the version I had was a cut version of rx560 chip that is the same as the rx460. Had I known that it was a cut version, I would not get an old chip. I requested technical assistance and the guy there kept saying 'contact with your graphics card manufacturer' as if it was the fault of the manufacturer of the card. I just wanted some information about why AMD does not specifically mention, with a clear description, that it is not the cut version. The only information about it is the stream processors count. As someone who does not have much information about it, I can say that I was scammed.  This was a huge disappointment for me, as I was just beginning to trust AMD.