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Warzone crash (HIS Radeon R9 290X 3GB)

Question asked by tayla on May 13, 2020

Hello there!

I have a question again. My friend can't play with the COD Warzone, because the game is randomly crashing for him. We have no idea what's the problem.

First time when he installed the game did this error all the time. Next time he uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it worked fine about 2 weeks long. Now the program did this issue again.

What we tried:

-Windows update

-Game update

-Game repair

-Graphic card update

Any idea guys?

He playing on a low graphic settings, fullscreen extended windowed mode, unlimited fps settings


His specification:

CPU: I5-4440
Motherboard: Asrock Z97M PPro4
GPU: HIS Radeon R9 290X 3 GB
Memory: 12gb Ddr3 Hyperx Fury 1600 MHz
SSD: 120 gb samsung
HDD: 2tb Toshiba
AMD Driver: 20.04.02