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2700x idle at 1.4v, EDC in Ryzen Master red... is this normal?

Question asked by uponapyre on May 13, 2020
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by black_zion

Firstly, apologies as this seems to be an issue that has a lot of threads already. I'm really not well versed in this and I'm struggling to make sense of the threads I've found via google.


Yesterday, I cleaned my PC of dust. I removed my CPU heatsink and GPU and dusted them, and also reapplied thermal paste on the CPU. After reinstalling everything I booted Ryzen Master to check my temps and I've got -10 °C (it was idling around 45 °C before, now it's around 35 °C).


However, I noticed something I hadn't seen before. The EDC counter is now flashing yellow and red at times. I had only ever used this program to monitor temps, but I hadn't noticed this before reinstalling my CPU.


After googling this for a while, I also realized my CPU is idling at 1.4v, and doing a little research I've seen others who have various programs showing the idle voltage to be around .8-9.


I've checked in Ryzen Master, HWinfo, HWmonitor, CPU-Z, etc... all report the same.


Some info:
- My MOBO is an x470 Gaming Pro
- It has the latest chipset installed
- It has the stock bios (1.4 from 2018) - I was told not to flash bios unless you have an issue
- I currently have XAMP 1 running. I have tested with XAMP 1, 2, and it off. Same results
- There are no other OCs (unless there is something running by default)
- All bios settings are default
- Windows in running RYzen Balanced power mode, Min Processor State is at 5%.
- I have tried Windows balanced mode with the above, same results
- My temps are fine, 35 °C idle and 60-70 under heavy gaming load.
- I have tried resetting CMOS


Again, sorry if this is a repeat, but I'm pretty lost... my questions are:


1. Is this idle voltage something I need to fix?
2. Is EDC being in the yellow/red an issue?

3. All I did was re-apply thermal paste, could I have done something to cause an issue here?


Thank you for any help!




Here is an image of what RM looks like when the EDC reaches red: