Minecraft low FPS

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My Minecraft is running about 40% of the speed at which it was running on my 960. I get around 40-60fps in-game but I should be getting a lot more. AMD support also doesn't seem to have any idea of what is happening.


My 5700 should handle Minecraft but while in-game it doesn't boost and the SCLK stays at around 800MHz. The card couldn't be overheating since the temps stay at around 50c constant. Weirdly enough when I look down the SCLK boosts up to 1900 and the fps increases. Also, Minecraft isn't showing up in Radeon Settings. I tried adding java and javaws but neither worked.


What I've tried:

DDU and amdutilitycleanup and then reinstalling drivers.

DDU and amdutilitycleanup and then installing 19.12.1 drivers.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft (also deleted %appdata Minecraft folder).

Reinstalling GPU VBIOS.

Installing new GPU VBIOS.

Adding Minecraft to Radeon settings (didn't work)



RX 5700 DD Ultra from XFX

Ryzen 5 3600

Tomahawk B450 MAX

16GB 2400 ram


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