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Has AMD lost it's enthusiasm for it's Graphics products?

Question asked by old_noobette on May 10, 2020

Something was lost when AMD dissolved the ATI branch.

I was a ATI fan for many years , since late 1997. 

but something has changed . The amount of configuring and tweaking needed to install a 400 dollar RX 5700 graphics card in a current windows system is just unacceptable.

And the fact that many retailers are no longer offering refunds on the RX 5000 line , but replacements only, tells us that even they realize this is a problemed item.

Other things i have noticed since ATI was dissolved is AMD's lack of enthusiasm for their own graphics products.

For example: the screensavers are gone, the desktop backgrounds are gone , the demo's are gone. Even Ruby is gone.


In contrast,

if you go to the Nvidia site you can easily find things like these, that show Nvidia's zeal for their product.