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Crimson 16.2.1 causes ASUS N61Jq (HD5730M) black screen after close the laptop's cover

Question asked by panzercat on May 10, 2020

Hello everyone.

I have a old laptop ASUS N61Jq with i7 920XM, HM55, 8G RAM, HD5730M

I am using the last driver for HD5000 series, AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta for Non GCN Products

But there is a problem.

I set "do nothing" when close the cover of the laptop in Windows 10, but when I opened my laptop after closed it, the screen kept black. The screen was not totally black, there were still back light in the screen, but it was black

I tried press Fn+F6/F5(turn the screen's light up or down), Fn+F7(turn on/off the screen) and many other keys, they were useless. The only way I can make things back to normal is to press Fn+F1(which lets the laptop go to suspend).

Such problem occurs in Windows 7 too.

Although it is OK when using 15.11.1, I'm wondering if there is a solution of this problem with 16.2.1?

Thanks for your help.