The Widowmaker - 49" Super Ultrawide Build

Discussion created by b5nbm on May 10, 2020

So I have only ever gamed on a 1080p 27" monitor, I decided I wanted 1440p and ultrawide so took the plunge and went balls out with a 49" Samsung Super Ultrawide (5120x1440 @ 120hz) and i am in love with it. I had to freshen up the PC to more "Classy" look to match so had a shuffle about, cleaned the system right out and added some EK Indigo Violet fluid  


Plus as an extra treat, got myself a new wireless headset to go with an a friendly little headset holder haha. 


Update: 21/05/2020 - Decided to move the gpu back to vertical as wasnt seeing much difference in temps surprisingly and also got myself some new Carbon+Purple cable extensions. Will get a full custom set once things are settled a little more.


Update: 02/06/2020 - Had to add some red into the mix to show my love of teamred haha, actually goes really well with the purple i think. Also had a little de-clutter and got the shelf centered properly again.



CPUAMD Ryzen 9 3900x
CoolerEK Velocity Acetal - Custom Loop (360mm radiator with Corsair QL fans)
MotherboardTUF Gaming X570
MemoryCorsair RGB Pro 16GB 3200mhz 
GraphicsAorus RTX 2080 Super
Disc Drive 1Western Digital WD Black m.2 512gb
Disc Drive 2Adata m.2 256gb
Disc Drive 3Seagate Barracuda HDD 2TB
PSUCorsair RM850x
CaseThermaltake View 71 (Snow Edition)

Samsung CRG9 49" Super Ultrawide - 5120x1440 @ 120hz

ASUS VG278 27" - 1920x1080 @ 144hz



PC with vertical gpu

Night shot with lights on

Full setup