Every game is crashing

Discussion created by perožiic on May 10, 2020
got my PC three years ago with this specs :
FX - 8300
RX 460
MSI 970A Sli Krait edition
8GB of RAM at 1866mHz HyperX Fury
Antec 600w power supply
Since I got it and set it up, my games have been crashing, but I was always kind of going over it. I tried many fixes to it but few months ago I decided to give a new graphics card a try. So I bought RX580 to replace my old one. But my games are still crashing, so I bought 240mm water cooling for my CPU, didn't help. While I am playing games, FPS is high and not dropping and temps are fine. I don't get any specific error message, just generic ones like sorry for inconvenience your game has crashed, and it crashes to desktop. Here is a few things I tried : reinstalling games, updating windows, updating drivers, reinstalling drivers with DDU, also tried few different graphic card drivers, disabling onboard sound devices, testing ram, testing HDD( both are perfect from testing results ), turned disk drive sleep to never, updated BIOS, I clean installed windows, tried working around antivirus and windows firewall to see if it was crashing, still no luck. Please if anyone can help, help me! Thank you!