Is ROM chip size really AMD's excuse for Zen 3 support?

Discussion created by amcmanus on May 9, 2020
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AMD is claiming a lack of support for Zen 3 on B450 cause of the ROM chip size. Except with my old A320 board, you could just flash a new BIOS that would drop support for older CPUs to make space for supporting newer ones. The B450 board I have even has a 32MB ROM chip! What gives AMD? You have provided a workaround in the past but this time it's a no-go?


If I knew that, I would have waited for B550 or a sale on X570.


I bought a Zen 2 CPU and MSI B450 motherboard that was advertised as having support for all future AM4 chips. Although it's MSI's fault for advertising that, I think the reason they felt comfortable doing it cause they're just as blindsided by this announcement as I am. Because there's no reason B450 can't support Zen 3. Anyone with a reasonable understanding of motherboards knows the ROM chip excuse AMD gave for not supporting B450 is dishonest.


I specifically purchased a lower-end Zen 2 CPU and a B450 board with the intention of slotting in a higher end Zen 3 chip a few years down the line.


What the heck are you guys doing?!? Is anyone else being affected by this? I feel like most of us went with B450 (especially with lower end chips) cause we don't need the X570 feature-set. And B550 kept being delayed and AMD's own marketing (and marketing from board partners) made it appear B450 could support Zen 3.