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RAIDXpert2 legacy disk goes offline

Question asked by paulmorphy2003 on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 23, 2020 by paulmorphy2003

I think the problem is related to this thread but not quite the same: RAIDXpert2 Array 1 Raid Array Critical Error (Offline) after waking from sleep 


I have an Asus Prime X470-Pro with a Ryzen7 2700X CPU bought a year ago. I have a Samsung NVMe SSD for Windows 10 Pro and run the SATA Controller in Raid-Mode. I have a RAID0 of two WD-Black 2TB disks for video editing and a 4TB WD-Black for data listed as legacy array, connected to it. Everything was working fine, until about 2 months ago when I suddenly could not write to the data disk anymore. I tried to save a file but the app just hang. I checked the event log from Windows and it was flooded with Event 153 - An I/O operation was retried. I shut down the system, rebooted and everything was working again. A few weeks later the problem apeared again but after a reboot it was gone once more. I updated the chipset and raid drivers to the current version and got the new RaidXpert2 tool. This did not help. A few weeks later RaidXpert2 reported that the array with the legacy disk had gone offline, which seems to be the cause of it being no longer accessible for Windows. I replaced the disk but it went offline again. I changed the SATA-Cable and the SATA-Port being used, but it did not help. Finally I tought that such a problem could not be caused by software alone and because I had replaced everything else already, I assumed that the mainboard might be faulty. I replaced the board with a new Asus Prime X570-Pro and a Ryzen9 3rd generation while I was at it anyway. I was quite disapointed to get another message that the legacy raid had gone offline on the same day. I can be sure now, that it is not a hardware problem and only the AMD software is to blame somehow.


It roughly matches that the problems began after the 1909 Windows update was installed but I am not 100% sure. I am running 1909 with build 18363.815 now and Raid-Driver Version 9.3.0-00038. This version is from november 2019 so I can only hope an update which fixes this behaviour will be available soon. Unreliable storage is every computer users nightmare and can not be tollerated. I really belive in the superiority of the Ryzen plattform over Intel but if it does not run stable maybe Intel is still the better choice.


After I found the thread mentioned above, stating the problem might be related to the power management I disabled the standby function for harddrives in Windows and will see if this at least helps. Any other suggestions are of course welcome.