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Has my RX580 blown both of my monitors?

Question asked by pedros500 on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 9, 2020 by elstaci

I had 2 Samsung S27F350 monitors connected to my PC and have been working with them for the last few months without incident.


When starting some games, I would notice some resizing issues as games started and occasionally screen tearing on the non-gaming screen as I played. Occasionally on startup, on the 2nd screen I would see discoloration on start-up, but this would be fixed by restarting the monitor. Any discoloration would disappear shortly after. I also noticed that when resizing certain applications (Citrix), it would appear to struggle with screens flashing, especially if a game was being played on the primary.


Yesterday, I noticed that the 2nd screen had horizontal lines scrolling through the bottom half of the screen whilst I was working full screen on the primary. On reboot, the 2nd screen displayed a ghosted version of my desktop, veritical lines could be seen overlaying on the screen and it was unresponsive. Within a few minutes it would get gradually darker and was useless.


This morning I connected a replacement monitor (Dell P2419H) in the 2nd position. When setting it up, I noticed the same lines develop on the primary Samsung S27F350 and the exact same fault developed over the next few minutes.


Both Samsung monitors are now completely dead within 12 hours of each other. One was connected tot he RX580 with displayport, the other with HDMI. One was directly to the card, the other through a HDMI switch. One was on the main walled power supply, the second was on a surge protector.


The only constant seems to be the graphics card. Is it possible that I was stressing the monitors too much with the Radeon settings? Could a recent driver update be a problem? I don't want to blow a replacement monitor, so need to know if there's settings I need to change.