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Frequent Crashing in OpenGL/Java games

Question asked by jroberts134 on May 7, 2020

The two OpenGL games I own, Minecraft and Slay the Spire, experience frequent random crashing. All of my DX11/12 games are fine. Slay the Spire is especially troublesome.


Specs: RX 5700, Ryzen 3600, 650w Corsair Gold PSU, 16GB RAM (no OC or XMP enabled), Windows 10 latest version

20.4.2 drivers

Tried: Clean install drivers with DDU, reinstalled Windows, validated game cache, swapped RAM, error checked RAM with memTest and Karhu. This has been a problem since I've owned the card (19.7.5 drivers or so)


EDIT: To provide further info, all the crash logs for both games show something like EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Problematic frame: atio6axxx.dll+0xcf9610


EDIT 2: This crashing also happens in CLion, which is written in Java. It seems all Java programs on my system are crashing. As I said before, no other programs are crashing at all.