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5700 Crashing, Green Screen, Black Screen

Question asked by jakew164 on May 7, 2020
Latest reply on May 9, 2020 by old_noobette

So today I purchased a 5700 gpu and installed it.

Installed the latest drivers etc it was running lovely on all games.

Then after a few hours during a game of CSGO, both my monitors froze. I could still hear the game running in the background.

After that both monitors went black and displayed no input signal.

I then had to hard restart my PC.

I tried playing again and this time one monitor went black one went green.

Now i cannot play any games without these crashes happening.

I have never had issues like this with my old GPU (GTX 760), only today now I have  issues.

CPU: I7 3770

GPU: RX 5700


MB: AsRock ProZ75

PSU: INTEGRA 650W 80+ bronze

OS: Windows 10 

Monitors: (1) electriQ 35" WQHD 100Hz HDR FreeSync Curved UltraWide

                (2) HANNspree 23.6-Inch Super Slim HS-IPS HDMI Full HD LED Monitor


I've tried using multiple different driver versions, all tempts are low and stable during the crash. I've tried using a multitude of different cables and only using one monitor etc.