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Ryzen 5 3600 temps 

Question asked by john1245 on May 7, 2020
Latest reply on May 8, 2020 by actionoid

Hi, everyone!

My problem is about my new CPU Ryzen 5 3600. I bought it a week ago, and now I just tried to figure it out how it works. Almost all the time, even from the moment I start my PC, the CPU runs on 69-72 C degrees, and also it has 1.38 or 1.41V. Even now, writing this post it is on 71C degrees. The cooler is the stock now, the termal paste is the one that was already on the cooler, it is fixed on the processor and the motherboard (i checked it twice). I saw on the internet that you can undervolt the CPU for better temps. I tried it with Ryzen Master. Here comes another strange problem. I made a profile like this: all cores on 3.9 Mhz and 1.2V, I applied it and after I had 47C  instead of 72C and everything was working just fine. I opened GTA V just to see the difference (before undervolting GTA V was hitting max 87C and after that max 77C). After the "test" I restarted my PC and running RM again eveything came to default. I said ok, I'll do the profile again. After making it again and hitting Apply, when I press Home nothing changes. Everything is like normal and the Control Mode stays on default, not in Manual. I uninstalled it, nothing changes. I know also that I need to change the stock cooler because it isn't as good even as a budget aftermarket cooler. But, that doesn't mean it is ok that my CPU is running on 72C constantly, and in games on 87-88C. What can I do to reduce the temps and also what is happening with Ryzen Master? Why it doesn't let me configure my profile? Also my Bios is up-to-date.


My PC:

-Motherboard: AsRock A320M-DVS R4.0

-CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 with stock cooler

-GPU: RX580 MSI Armor 8GB OC

-RAM: 1x 8GB Corsair Vengeance 2400Mhz, CL14

- 1x 1TB WD HDD, 1x SSD 240 GB Kingston A400

- PSU: 500W, Bronze, 80 Plus

-Case: Segotep Lux II v2 which requires a cooler with max height of 155cm (Maybe someone can give me an option of an air cooler)