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RX 480 8GB Sapphire Nitro Crashing. Must Under-clock

Question asked by darraghr on May 6, 2020


I have decided to come back to an issue with my Sapphire RX 480 8GB Nitro card. In order to run games without my computer completely turning off and restarting I must under-clock it from 1342 MHz to 1180 so that is 162 under what it should run at.


Personally I have always believed it was a driver, bios, motherboard bios or software issue because before I installed my first SSD it would run fine at full speed.


In the past others have mentioned it may be my power supply, cooling or a number of other issues.


Coming back to this problem I would hate to spend so much time again trying to resolve and get no results so where should I start narrowing down or pinpointing what is causing this?


I have not upgraded anything bar the 480 graphics card and my spec can be found below.


Motherboard: MS-7826 (Kaili)

Intel Core i7 4790

16GB RAM (DDR3-1600)

Total wattage: 500 W external power adapter (100V-240V)

Intel HD Graphics 4600 (GT2) integrated graphics

AMD RX 480 8GB Sapphire Nitro


500GB SSD Samsung Evo