High Usage spikes for no reason

Discussion created by gamers on May 5, 2020
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I have a custom built PC with an AMD 3 2200G quad core 3.7ghz CPU, 16 DDR4 2666mhz ram, and 500W PSU 


My issues is that my Graphics card, a Biostar RX 560 4gb, has recently in that past 2 days spiked at random times for no reason what so ever and will freeze my computer, I have tried many things, before it was hgih usage because AMD drivers were encoding a video, I fixed that, but not even 40 minutes ago from when this was written, it spiked again, freezing my computer. I have tried restarting, updating drivers, re-seating the graphics card,  and checking for dust. This card only uses a max of 70 watts, and it normally uses a max of 50 watts when I play, or intensively use it. It isn't overheating, actually none of my components are over heating.


I would like an answer for this, please.