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Insane graphics driver?

Question asked by creothbaois on May 5, 2020

I have a lovely new Ryzen 5(2500u) Vega 8 Lenovo 330s 15arr Windows 10 laptop. I don't do much with it - I play a couple of silly games, and I take online classes. Sometimes I have video calls and sometimes I use youtube. My computer USUALLY has a problem where, say in the case of the games (I have two and both have exact problem), everything looks real nice but there is a strange lag where the 'bad guys' will dance around mortal kombat style and I can pretty much move around but some interactive graphics are invisible and the games don't register commands. It lasts for a couple of seconds and then everything catches up. In my classes and video calls, the feed in the webcams stops for a second or two then picks up where it left off (somehow not missing anything as if recorded). These problems happen every 20 seconds or so making performance unrealistically insufficient. If I uninstall the display driver I can get it to work 100%, but sometimes it takes some cycling through updating and uninstalling - and the problem returns eventually regardless (AND, no matter what updating the driver -always- causes the problem and no other problem). It's so wonderful for me when it's working. I want to mention that youtube always works fine, I think there is some SLIGHTLY noticeable improvent in performance when it's working -right- but generally functions without a concern. I had essentially the same problem with my sound driver earlier, but for that one all I had to do was hide an update for a particular 'MEDIA'. There is no such thing for the display.. I did later find a sound driver that I updated to which worked and GREAT through DriverMax.. but, when I tried to update the graphics driver I got 'Download Error 76715'..  I am so confused too..   AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 graphics v26.20.12028.2 is usually the one that works but sometimes it doesn't either and I have to cycle through update and uninstall but still this is the one it lands on that DOES work (which is the original also).. the graphics driver that updates install is 'Vega 8 Mobile Graphics' which always start the problem. I have tried windows update, device manager, Lenovo support, and you guys.. and they all consistently cause this one same problem.  Also, almost as a side not, in the list on the computer under manual update in device manager there are TWO vega 8 graphics (exact same name) and I don't have any way to get any more information about them.  When I get the whole thing working.. it usually lasts for about a day. I got the sound drivers working and this going to drive me insane. The last thing I can say about it all is that the games on the machine like farm heroes don't seem to have any problems at all (along with youtube) but anything seemingly with 2-way interaction does? It's not the internet and I have whittled it down to this display driver correction..  Please help! Ok, thank you so much.