Discussion created by eziano on May 5, 2020
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i want to say that as nvidia is is loosing grip on graphic market to AMD 

AMD should take this opportunity to expand its market 

like laptops are mostly made on nvidia graphic processors but problem is the least performing processers are even costly they are not lowering price of it so people are re-thinking to buy it and their new ones are costly as hell with low graphic memory. As i have seen people want a laptop with suitable graphic card with nice benchmark on games but some times nvidia is failing it. so AMD should step in laptop making market even more with their graphic cards you should set partnership with a laptop making company eg. ASUS and make laptops with your processors and graphic cards which will be a great combination which will dominate gaming laptop industry. only problem is that while rendering software or operating it, it lags a bit you should look after it.


 marketing will be easy for you as there are less laptop with AMD radeon graphics and pricing will get eye of every one.


(AMD should keep low percentage of profit with them means charge less for 3-6% less than normal, so if it is hit you have more customers means companies as they get more profit and if you have more companies that 3-6% gap will be filled)u

 As i am form INDIA so I can tell that people like to buy a budget friendly laptop with high performance with is AMD is capable of i have done lots of research and survey on this.As INDIA is emerging market for laptops and mobile and  it is just started its diversion to gaming industry it will be more profitable for you as people like to buy good gaming laptop with budget price so as well all ASIAN countries. 


I hope you will notice my idea and do something about it