3900x, no idea how to interpret PPT/CPU Power, TDC and EDC

Discussion created by nemehlo on May 4, 2020
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I built my first PC. I didnt know anything a week ago, learnt as much as I could.

CPU: 3900x, stock cooler, enabled high RPM
MB: MSI B450 Tomahawk max
RAM: HyperX 16GB KIT DDR4 3200MHz CL16 Predator Series
VGA: old Geforce GTX1060 (pulled from friend's crypto 2yr old farm, I never play games, I'd use integrated VGA if I could)
PSU: old EVGA 650 GQ (ditto, should be high quality PSU and 2 years are supposedly fine)
case Fractal Design Focus G.
I build the pc myself, but everything went smoothly afaik. Downloaded all updates and new chipset driver. The only OC done is enabling XMP in MB, so that I get 3200MHz from my RAM. I use HW monitor and ryzenmaster


I use the pc for data analysis, using all 24 cores roughly 12hr/day. At first, it ran at 95C, I bought a rear fan/top fan and opened a case and the temp dropped to 81C, voltage 1.4. I assume that's ok? I don't need the cpu to survive for 10 years anyway, I'll replace it sooner.

However, PPT is 95% (of 142W), CPU Power 105W, TDC 87%-90% and EDC is 94% of 140A. These indicators appear red (TDC is yellow) in the ryzenmaster. Is this acceptable for longterm load?

I'd just like to check that by running these I won't ruin the cpu very fast.

Assuming I don't care about the noise and absolutely do not need higher performance, is there any benefit in getting nh d15s?