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Hybrid crossfire on AMD 880G (HD 4250 + HD 5670)

Question asked by vmikh on May 3, 2020

Hi All,

I own a PC built on Lenovo motherboard with AMD 880G chipset and an integrated Radeon HD4250 onboard. According to compatibility charts, it should be possible to combine it using Hybrid Crossfire feature with a discrete Radeon HD 5670.


The problem is, there is no Crossfire tab, item, link - whatever - on Catalyst. I tried versions 15.7, 16.2, 10.7, 13.9 using AMD cleanup utility in between the reinstalls, but no luck. Both video adapters are visible in device manager or GPU-Z, however, Catalyst shows 4250 as disabled, and GPU-Z shows "AMD crossfire" as disabled for both. The monitor is linked to 5670 via HDMI (unfortunately, I don't have Display port adapter to link monitor directly to 4250).


I wonder, if there is any guide/manual regarding setting up this or similar configuration, or at least how to make the missing "Crossfire" item in Catalyst Control Center visible.