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No Vulkan API support in a RX570?

Question asked by truemomozo on May 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2020 by kingfish

Hello. I have a MSI RX570 8gb with FX-8350 in a Asus m5a78l-m plus/usb3 with Windows7 SP1. When used GPU Caps Viewer (latest version) to see how my system performed, I found out that it seems uncapable to use Vulkan API.


Then after much research, found here in this forum about GPU-Z. It happens that VULKAN is not checked in the program. Tried several drivers already (all from 2020), always using DDU to make a clean unninstall in safe mode, erasing AMD folder before new installation and ticking Factory reset. But always the same result. 



Does anyone know how to resolve the issue?


System32 folder has the vulkan dll files: