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Tired to update R9 200 driver but got Error 1604. Followed all instructions to use clean up app. Tried gaoin same Error 1604. Now Win10 doesn't even list it under display apdator

Question asked by helpwithr9200 on May 3, 2020
Latest reply on May 4, 2020 by kingfish

I was trying to add 2nd monitor plugged into my R9 200 DVI port as well as the DVI port on my PC. I couldn't get it to work in Windows 10 (it 'saw' both monitors but wouldn't detect it). Likewise the Radeon software 'saw' both but wouldn't run it either.

So I went to try and get the latest driver for the R9 200. The autodetect reommended two options and I chose the proven one (Win10  compatable). Got the Error 1604 saying there was software from a previous install. So I used the AMD celanup tool as suggested.

Still no joy, still got the 1604 error.


I went into Windows  to check if I could 'see' the device as a display adaptor but it was gone replaced by a Genreic device.

Part of the reason I knew the devise was  there was becasue I want to know which orf the 200 series it was but that was all it said R9 200.


AMD do not appear to have anyhting to offer apart from the automatic Adrenalin 2020 option which doesnt work for me.


So basiially HELP!