Low fps using RX480, 4gb

Discussion created by torojet on May 2, 2020

Hi, specs here:

  • i5 4570
  • 8gb ram
  • RX 480 4gb (sapphire model)
  • SSD
  • 144 Hz 1080p Acer, Freesync display. (I guess the model name is: VG240Y)

Driver: 20.4.2

Problem: I am having low fps, 100-120 fps to be exact while playing league of legends right now.

Normally, I was having 80-90 fps while playing LoL at the highest settings including Anti-aliasing, no fps limit, no v-sync. Yesterday, I have uninstalled old drivers using DDU in safe mode. Then, I have installed the current driver (20.4.2) and I have seen that the GPU can achieve 250-300 fps (played like that). Actually, I don't care anything about 144 FPS, however, today, I tried LoL again and my fps is 110-120. I searched online and see that Rx480 is capable of +250 fps. The same thing also occurs when I play World of Tanks. Before clean installation, I was having 40-80 fps, yesterday I had 90-100ish fps constant, and today, again back to the old situation.

There is something wrong about either driver or computer, so it is back to its shitty situation. The power plan is high performance.

Additional problem: Before DDU, I was experiencing random black screens while playing games or while listening to a Zoom conference in full screen. This random black screens always happen when something is in fullscreen mode. I bought this PSU 6 months ago, it is EVGA, 650W bronze something. Yesterday, after I deleted the old driver and installed the new one, the black screen issue was gone while I was playing 4 hours. Now, today, the issue is back again.

What should be the cause of it?


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