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rx 5700 xt green scren

Question asked by msprea on May 2, 2020
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by wis

Hello, I have a problem that sometimes my pc has a green screen, it just leaves the screen all green and the computer continues to work, to return to normal I need to remove and put the hdmi cable.
The problem does not happen just by playing games, but simply browsing Google Chrome with the computer on in just 20 minutes. In the past, before upgrading to the new software versions, the PC gave the green screen and also power off.
Follows the specification.
Asus Prime B450M Gaming/BR Motherboard
Rx5700 xt Red Devil PowerColor
Processor: Ryzen 3600
Source: Corsair cx 750
Memories: 2x Team Force 8gb 2666
ssd: M.2 hp 480gb
hd: 500gb Seagate

monitor : benq gl2450
Driver radeon 20.4.2