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What happened to Hialgo home page?

Question asked by colesdav on May 2, 2020
Latest reply on May 3, 2020 by colesdav

I downloaded Hialgo Chill a few days ago to attempt to run it on Crysis in DX9 mode on Ryzen 2700X or Intel i7-4790K.

The Hialgo Chill settings files contain some variables that can be still be used in Radeon Chill today.

I was trying to figure out if there is a way to:

  1. Prevent left mouse button Zoom from causing Hialgo Chill FPS to ramp up from Chill Min.

  2. Make Hialgo Chill ignore certain Chill sensitized keyboard keys so that FPS does not ramp up from Chill Min.

I went to the Hialgo Page today to check for some information.

I see this:





If I try to run Hialgo Chill I also see this:

Post image


Anyone have any ideas what is up with the Hialgo page?

The Hialgo Forum is also down.


This Post got removed from r/AMD for no valid reason I can see,  so I ask here.


AMD aquired Hialgo years ago: