ryzen 5 3600

Discussion created by eran365 on May 2, 2020


im trying to paly AC od and the game crash after 1 min.

i mange to get ryzen master to work once and change to 1.1 v and 3900 mhz i ithnk its called, and its did work for like 1hour and crash again.

Now every time im trying to open Rzyen master i get this error:"ryzen master unable to initialize. kindly reinstall the program. hence aborting"

i tried to delete that and reinstall few times and noting work.

 also i tried to delite it from the registry editor and reinstall and have the same issu.

i have every thing up to date, my amdsoftware ,windows and the chipset.

maybe i should buy better coller? i got the stuck one.

temp on idle 55-65