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Ryzen 3700x normal operating temperatures and fan behaviour

Question asked by ltcdata on May 1, 2020

Hi everyone!
After my last intel build 8 years ago (i3-3240), i finally was able to refresh my computer, and this time it was an AMD build.


I want to know if what is happening to me is normal behaviour and the temps are ok.


Keep in mind we are almost in winter here in Argentina, today temp is 12°C, and about to go lower, but in summer we have 40°C of ambient temp.

Computer config:
Windows 10 pro x64 1909, 18363.815.
Latest AMD drivers installed (, AMD Ryzen BALANCED power plan selected.
Ryzen 3700x, wraith cooler (high speed enabled)
Asus x570 tuf gaming wifi, Bios version 1407, AGESA
16gb Corsair Vengeance LPX (8x2) memory 3000mhz 16-20-20-38 1,35v, XMP profile,
3 80mm intake fans at slow speed, aprox 800rpm (one intake governed by cha-fan, starts up when cpu >60°C)
600watts topower 80+ power supply.


I do a lot of picture editing, from RAW files (very processor intensive).
During editing there are a lot of processing power spikes needed.


And then, after the editing comes the raw photo processing (not constant load like cinebench). Fans go up and down everytime, it's very anoying, but the biggest problem is sometimes i hit 89°C.
After a lot of tinkering, i have setup a fan hysteresis of 3.6s spin up, 25 sec spin down (tried with lower values but it was the same), so it stays cooling a little longer and it mitigates a little the effect, but it still goes to 3100-3300rpm, drops to about 2500rpm and the up to 3300rpm again until the photo processing ends.


The cpu fan profile is like the attached picture.
MB temp stays stable at 39°C during this loads.
I did a few benchs to have more data:


Cinebench scores (after 6 runs to make temps stable):
MB temp stable at 37°C, ambient temp 20°C.
Idle at 35°C@3.5ghz 0,925v, 1 cha-fan off due to low temp.


PBO Disabled: 4625@3,9ghz 65°C VID 1.14v cpu fan at stable at 2300rpm
PBO Enabled:  4607@3.9ghz 67°C VID 1.15v cpu fan at stable at 2400rpm


Single Core:
PBO Disabled: 501@4.3ghz 61°C cpu fan at 2000rpm cha fan off
PBO Enabled:  502@4.3ghz 63°C VID 1.42-45v cpu fan at 2200rpm cha fan off


DXO PHOTOLAB when processing raw photos cpu usage goes high and low every second:
PBO ENABLED:  Temperature from 55°C to 85°C, fan from 2000rpm to 3100rpm, 3.9 to 4.1ghz. (one time, temp did a spike to 89°C)
PBO DISABLED: Temperature from 55°C to 85°C, fan from 2000rpm to 2800rpm, 3.9 to 4.1ghz. (one time, temp did a spike to 88°C)


blender bench: after 20min, stable values: 69°C@3.9ghz, VID 1.224v, mother temp 41°C, cpu fan 2500rpm


CPU Fan profile added as an attachment.