First Intel ATX12VO Board Spotted, requires more space, and 4 plugs vs 1

Discussion created by black_zion on May 1, 2020

See on the right? The Intel ATX12VO does away with the +/- 5v and +/- 3.3v connectors and just uses +/- 12v and grounds. Good in theory since ATX is relatively ancient in computing years, and all the dominant components run on 12v. Thing is, RAM uses 3.3v, USB uses 5v, and PCIe supplements with 3.3v and 5v. Intel's ATX12VO spec didn't call for on board downregulators of 12v, so that 3.3v and 5v still needs to be supplied. So this is what we end up with, an arrangement which takes up more space than ATX24 and still requires 24 pins. So not only has Intel required a new motherboard for their processors, they require a new PSU as well. Pray this doesn't catch on...