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GPU Tuning Profile not saved

Question asked by amedeus on May 1, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2020 by asquirrel

So i update to newest radeon software , and at the begining it was leaving me into tuning to set different values on global tuning and other games profiles, recently last 2 updates ,including the last released one , this hasn't work , global tuning or any game tuning doesn't get saved as i set them... , i already have some profiles seted there but if i modify them ,the issue will spread and will not leave me , to edit back to the stats i wanted..


With a release version behind , i was usually able to use problem report wizard ,now when i use it ... it just give me blue screen on windows 10... , 2 times acces this ,and same thing happen.


Do AMD team is intrested into releasing a software that can leave you to set things , i have no idea what should i do now ,i tryed to search this issue , but i can't find anything about a fix to it ,even if multiple people around globe had problems and even discuss this on reddit.


I reported my issue online via software option ,and i haven't got any e-mail back regarding my issue with the software ,no any recommandation... , i even inserted them a video about the glitch.