Ryzen 5 3500U is heating and working on elevated frequency

Discussion created by vitalykozi on May 2, 2020
Latest reply on May 2, 2020 by elstaci

Hello everyone! 


I have a problem with my notebook based on Ryzen 5 3500U. Everything was going fine for almost two month, since i have bought notebook. Then it suddenly begun to heat up almost all the time, even when i was running only Google Chrome with few windows. From the Task manager I see that the CPU is not overloaded, but its frequency goes up to 3 GHz. This sutiation stays up when notebook is completely idle, and no heavy apps are running.


I have tried to reduce the power supply for CPU with Windows standart tools. Thus, I have set a maximum perfomance of CPU to only 5%, but it does not provide any substantial effect.

When the notebook is connected to external power supply it works on 3.1 GHz.


Things are getting better, when I switch to internal battery, the frequency decreases down to 1.3 GHz.  


I have set all power settings to minimal performance both for battery and power supply mods, but the problem is still there. 


How can I handle with this problem? I believe, that such frequncy is not adequate when I have almost no apps running.


The notebook is Huawei Matebook D15