freesync problem with rx570 22mk400h

Discussion created by ekinbs on May 1, 2020
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by nozet

hello I have a problem with freesync I am using saphire pulse 8gb rx570 adn 22mk400h freeesync monitör with r3 2300x and in rainbow six siege I have a terrible screen tearing I was playing with vsync but then I learned about input lag then decided to turn off the vsync and turn on the freesync but when I turned on freesync it didnt work I tried so many ways for screen tearing but all the thinks didnt work on rainbow six siege can onyone help me about this screen tearing is effects my agme so much and I dont want to play with vsync my monitor and graphics card is supports freeesync but when I turn it on it doesnt work my english is not good I hope you understand