Poor Perfomance ! With underloaded GPU! Again!

Discussion created by curse127 on Apr 30, 2020
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I do not have enough swear words to express my opinion about the driver development team!

How do you check for a fix? It's not funny anymore. Soon there will be a year, as you cannot make normal drivers! Moreover, you are not fixing the "known problems" to the end!


I thought the Metro Exodus game was too hard for my rx 5700! It turns out that if I increase the resolution modifier(i.e. increase the load on the GPU), I will get +30 frames more at the moments where my GPU is underloaded! What is this attitude to your work?

It’s so good that I didn't pay more for the XT version, it would be always underloaded with my ryzen 2600x and would give poor performance.


I am wondering how you check your corrections? Apparently nothing...